Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010-01-17 Sewri

Had not visited Sewri for a long time.
So reached sewri at 4pm with my father.
Lowest tide was (6:30pm)

The water had receeded a lot and the area left and right of jetty was filled with flamingoes.

Juvenile and adult lesser flamingoes were seen nearby

Juvenile lesser flamingo

Lesser Flamingo

Went on the deck of the ship which was being repaired.
Flamingoes in flight

Western reef egret

But there were not many waders.
Saw some redshanks, common sandpiper, little ringed plover, few godwits and a flock of stints nearby.
Generally there huge flocks of godwits, stints and plovers.

But at a distance i could see many small waders beyond the flamingoes.
Also there was huge flock of gulls/terns at the Mahul end.

To the left of Mahul a land mass was visible extending towards Nhava.
Somehow had not noticed this before.
There was a huge flock of birds (flamingoes and gulls) on this land mass.

Flamingoes on land mass with the Tata jetty seen at back

Mahul side flamingoes

I guess there were ateast 5000-10000 flamingoes.

Brahminy Kite

The prize of the day was the black capped kingfisher on the dry bush near the jetty. It also gave us a demo of its hunting skills :-)

Profile pic of black capped

Back view of black capped kingfisher

Blacked capped kingfisher hunting

Return from hunt

Resting after the hunt

Blacked capped kingfisher (Front)

In addition saw a small blue and white throated kingfisher nearby.

Other birds seen
Grey heron
Western reef egret
White Ibis
Brahminy Kite
Gull billed tern
Black/Brown headed gulls
Pond heron

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