Monday, January 21, 2008

2008 Jan IIT Mumbai

20th Jan 2008.
Met at IIT main gate at 7:30am.

Walking on the main road took the first left towards the lake.

The lake was full of water. In the water there were India cormorants, Coots, a pair of Cotton pygmy goose and a pair of little Grebes.
Also on the Periphery of the lake were bronze winged jacana, Pheasant tailed jacana (non-breeding plumage), Purple swamphens, Little egrets and Purple herons.

A small blue kingfisher gave us good views sitting on a boat close by and showing acrobatics by hovering for sometime over the water.

There were lot of barn swallows and palm swifts flying around.

Waiting for a few hours we moved ahead towards the boating club shade.
Enroute we encountered Pied starlings, a flock of flying chestnut tailed starlings, Eurasian golden oriole, Paradise flycatcher juvenile male, Black headed cuckoo shrike, Common Ioras, a shikra, red vented and red whiskered bulbuls.

Also saw got a good view of blue tailed beeter.

Reaching at the club house there was a treat awaiting as on the blue poles in the water in the front of us were different species of birds sitting on each pole for id parade ..:-)
There was a Siberian stonechat female, black drongo, White breasted kingfisher, Indian cormorant, little cormorant, at the base of it a purple heron, Marsh harrier and a whishered tern. Later on an osprey came and sat there to enjoy its prey.

Purple swamphen

Small blue kingfisher

Paddyfield warbler

Ashy Prinia

Paradise flycatcher (Juv male)

Pied starling

Blue tailed bee eater


Marsh Harrier

Marsh Harrier

Pond heron in flight

Pond Heron

Little Cormorant

Intermediate egret

Bird List
1) Little egret
2) Intermediate Egret
3) Pond Heron
4) Purple Heron
5) Small blue kingfisher
6) White throated kingfisher
7) Purple swamphen
8) Bronze winged jacana
9) Pheasant tailed Jacana
10) Common coot
11) Indian cormorant
12) Little Cormorant
13) Little Grebe
14) Cotton pygmy goose
15) Whiskered tern
16) Little tern
17) Gull billed tern
18) Osprey
19) Marsh Harrier
20) Black drongo
21) Eurasian Golden Oriole
22) Common Iora
23) Red vented bulbul
24) Red whiskered bulbul
25) Black headed cuckoo shrike
26) Fantail flycatcher
27) Paradise flycatcher (juv male)
28) Paddyfield warbler
29) Long tailed shrike
30) Ashy prinia
31) Plain prinia
32) Barn swallow
33) Wire tailed swallow
34) Bharadwaj
35) Koel
36) Magpie robin
37) Purple rumped sunbird
38) Purple sunbird
39) Spotted dove
40) Siberian stone chat
41) Red wattled lapwing
42) Blue tailed bee eater
43) Green bee eater
44) Greenish leaf warbler
45) Black kite
46) Black eared kite

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bhigwan Jan 2008

5-6th Jan 2008
Started from mumbai 7:15 am in a 25seater bus.
We were 18 of us lead by Adesh Shivkar.

We reached Bhigwan ,after a breakfast stop at the food mall on the expressway, at 1:30pm.
He had our lunch at a restaurant in Bhigwan and proceeded towards our first site Diksal around 3:30pm.


Actually the complete place is a site as you can see birds right from the road.
On both side of the road one see birds because of the backwaters of the Ujjanni dam.
Bhigwan is around 100km from pune on the pune-solapur road

The variety and the sheer number of birds was amazing.
While Adesh and myself were trying to focus on 1 bird we would spot another bird.
First we spot a huge number purple swamphens and Rudy Shelducks. There were a lot of waders mainly black tailed godwits and sandpipers.
At one time in frame on the spotting scope we could see 3 storks, Painted stork, wolly necked stork and the open billed stork.
There were Glossy ibis, common teals, whiskered terns, comb ducks, phesant tailed jacana's(non breeding), common pochard.
Comb Duck

Common Coot

One more bird that raised everyones excitation was a Pied kingfisher flying very near the surface of the water. One of my favoraties for its elegancy and color combination.

One river tern gave us a very good view through the binoculars and the spotting scope.

At the very far end we could see a huge congregation of ducks containing around 2000 or more ducks mainly common pochards, northern shovellers and mallards.

As the sun was setting we could see a huge flock of birds flying presumably going to their roosting place. That consisted of ducks, glossy ibis and open billed storks.

Here given below for comparison how the open billed and glossy ibis different in flight.
(Posting only these 2 as i have silhoutte images of only these 2 ..:-))
NOTE: Glossy ibis's curved and slender bill as compared to open bills thick bill.
Also when seen in actual you can see Open billed would be much larger as compared to glossy ibis

Open billed Stork Silhouette

Glossy Ibis Silhouette

Sunset at Bhigwan on day 1

The gulls were still flying around.
Brown headed gull (First winter)
(How to identify ?)

Brown Headed Gull

We were back to the hotel by 7:00.
After that we had a session of bird quiz, a quick summary of birds viewed and everyone guessed what would be the species count the next day.

Kumbhargoan and Dalaaj

Next day we started at 7:00am from hotel.

We stopped at 2-3 places.

At the first stop where near the road we could see waders in the water.
There was a snipe, little ringed plovers, wagtails, open billed stork, little stints, Godwits, ducks, wagtails.
On the trees we could see brahminy starlings, large grey babbler, Spotted dove, Bee eater, Barn swallow

Little Ringed Plover

Eurasian Collared Dove

Barn Swallow

Citrine Wagtail

Whiskered Tern

At the second spot there was plain open land on the right and water on the right.
In the open field lot of land birds were spotted like purple sunbird, small minivet, eurasian golden oriole, red breasted flycatcher, chiff chaff, booted warbler. We could also see a spotted owlet.

Purple Sunbird

Red throated flycatcher (Record shot)

Green Bee eater (Tried with Sun behind)

Going a little ahead we entered the yellow wattled lapwing area.
There we saw a lot of wagtails, large babblers, Indian silver bill, ashy crowned sparrow lark, brahminy kite.

Large Grey Babbler

Brahminy Kite

At the third spot we reached a place where we could go very near the water area.
Here we could see lot of ducks, gulls and flamingoes from very close quarter.
Also there we spotted a tawny eagle and greater spotter eagle.
Marsh harriers and black kites were seen pretty regularly.
In the fields we spotted the pied buschat and the paddy field pipit.

Rudy Shelduck


Green bee eater

Green Bee eater closeup

Weavers Nest

Yellow wagtail

Purple Swamphen in flight

Weaver (Female)

Red Munia(F)

Oriental white ibis

Painted Stork in flight

Black eared kite (Thanks Adesh)

Open Billed Stork

Gull Scape (Mainly Pala's gull)

Oriental White Ibis and Open billed Stork

Flamingos in flight