Saturday, May 27, 2017

2017-04-30 Pangoot

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Next day morning we started towards Binayak and to another place suggested by some.
We never found that place but on the way we stopped at multiple places whenever we saw some bird activity and got some nice birds.
Streaked Laughing Thrush
Common Rosefinch
Grey Bushchat
Yellow Breasted Greenfinch
Blue Whistling Thrush
Grey Winged Blackbird
Great Barbet
Great Barbet
Khalij Pheasant
Whiskered Yuhina
Maroon Oriole
Maroon Oriole
Rufous Sibia
Rufous Sibia
Chestnut Bellied Nuthatch
Chestnut Bellied Nuthatch
We returned back to Hotel by 9am, had sumptuous breakfast and started our journey back to Delhi.

Being a sunday it was crazy crowd at Nainital.
Still we did a quick stop at Nainital to do some photography and then proceeded ahead.

Had lunch at a dhaba on the highway and returned back listening to some old songs.

2017-04-29 Binsar Pangoot

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29th April 2017 - Pangoot
After a good night sleep we got up early next morning for witnessing the sunrise from the KMVN terrace. It was amazing experience with tea served right on the terrace.

With the sunrise we were also witnessing golden light on Snow capped Trishul mountain range.

Then we planned to do a walk to the highest point called zero point from where one gets good views of the snow peaks as well as do some birding on the way.

It is a very moist evergreen forest with moss laden tree branches.

And ofcourse got some birds.
Bar Tailed Treecreeper
Bar Tailed Treecreeper
Rufous Sibia
Rufous Sibia
After getting back we again proceeded towards the terrace to take some pics of the snow covered mountain range.

Spot Winged Tit
Spot-Winged Tit

Had breakfast, freshned up, packed the bags and started for pangoot. Had something to eat near Ranikhet (Hotel Sahaj).

Till we reached Nainital it started to get quite dark and it was as if it would rain at any time.
We stopped at a restaurant at the exit of Nainital to have some lunch. After lunch as we started for Pangoot it started to rain drop by drop and the drops falling on the windshield were actually frozen water drops which used to melt immediately.

The weather had turned rainy. It remaining so till we reached Pangoot by around 4pm.
We checked into Hotel Janardhan and had tea.
Oriental Turtle Dove

Thick Forest

Due to uncertain weather we were not sure whether to venture outside or not. But we decided to move towards Binayak.

On the way we came across a small village with Tapri and a wonderful valley behind.
The sun had started to move down and was creating nice art with light and shadow play from behind the dark clouds.

We did some photography here had tea at the Tapri. Till that time the sun had set and cold breeze was making us shiver.

We returned back to the hotel, ordered food, had nice dinner and went to sleep early.

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2017-04-28 Sattal Binsar

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Had early morning tea and left at around 6am for Sattal studio trail.

Just before the trail a Bonnet Macaque was sitting with its kids eating a pine cone.

As soon as we started on the trail, we started seeing all types of birds around.
Grey Hooded Warbler

Eurasian Jay

Waited for sometime near the stream to spot the long tailed broadbill but not luck.
But while searching for it got some very nice views of Canary and Ultramarine flycatcher.
Grey Headed Canary Flycatcher

Ultramarine Flycatcher

At the studio got some new species than yesterday evening and the activity was usual very good.
Rusty cheeked scimitar babbler was a priced catch for me.
Black Bulbul

Grey Winged Blackbird

Grey Hooded Warbler

Black Throated Tit

Blue Winged Minla

Oriental Whiteeye

Rusty Cheecked Scimitar Babbler

Blue Winged Minla

Blue Throated Flycatcher

Himalayan Bulbul

Chestnut Bellied Nuthatch

Rusty Tailed Flycatcher

Wedge Tailed Pigeon

White Throated Laughing Thrush

After sometime decided to go ahead on the trail.
There got chestnut bellied nuthatch, streaked laughing thrush, black winged cuckoo shrike, long tailed minivet and the beautiful Red Billed Blue Magpie.
Red Billed Blue Magpie

Red Billed Blue Magpie

Returned back to KMVN by 10am, had breakfast, freshned up and checked out by 11am.
Next stop was a temple on a small hillock at Bhowali.
From here proceeded towards Binsar.
Some way down we encountered a road block to Almora and had to take detour via Ranikhet to reach Binsar increasing the distance by 40km or 1-2hours.

But finally we reached Binsar well before sunset.
As we started climbing the altitude we started seeing many Rhododendron trees flowering.

Moss on tree branch

Had a quick tea and proceeded towards to sunset point to try some hand with sunset photos.

Returning back to KMVN we freshened up and proceed towards dinner.

I had been to this place 8 years back and was very impressed with the interiors of the room and the tourist resort in general. I was happy to see that it was still quite the same. Wonderful wooden flooring and furniture inside and even the corridor.

A terrace extends on the backside of the resort overlooking the valley below.
We decided to do some night photography of the stars and light below.
KMVN Tourist Guest House with stars and Moon in background

Fortunately there was a cloud formed on the west side with lighting striking through it.
This gave a very opportunity to make some interesting photograph.
Night sky with lightning in the cloud
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