Monday, May 19, 2014

2014-04-24 Talawe

April - May is the time when most of the waders are in breeding plumage and heading back to their breeding grounds.

And as usual Talawe (near Nerul) is the best place to see these waders before they fly back.

So we made a trip to Talawe on 24th April 2014 in the afternoon at around 5:30pm.

To our delight there was a big flock of flamingoes in the lake next to TS Chanakya.
And there were bigger flocks coming in.

As the time went by bigger and bigger flock started coming in.

It looked as if they were coming in from all directions.

Flamingoes were mainly non-breeding plumage with a few in breeding plumage.

Till sunset they kept on pouring into the lake filling almost completely the lake.

Along with flamingoes there were 
waders - Ruddy turnstone, grey plover, golder plover, lesser sand plovers, curlew sandpipers and little stints, 

black/brown headed gulls,

and whiskered terns.

There were little egrets and saw two of them fighting may be to show dominance.

All in beautiful breeding plumage.

It seems that Talawe has become very famous among even non-birders. There were many people who had come to see the flamingoes.

Tried hands with a few against light photography during sunset.

Later crossed talawe along palm beach road 2 or 3 times and every time saw huge flocks of flamingoes.