Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mahul May 2007

This was a trip initiated by Mr Julius who had explored a few weeks back this route to go near the flamingoes.

10 of us met at the 261 bus stop at Mahul goan and then proceed to the Mahul goan jetty at around 3:30pm.
The low tide was at 3pm so when we reached the jetty the water was pretty shallow.
We first went in 2 small fishing boats to a bigger motorised boat

From the jetty itself we could see a sea pink on the mud flats.

We were in the water for around 2 1/2 hours and in this we could see a lot of flamingoes from near.
Also had a lovely sight of 1000 flamingoes flying over us as they were coming from the sewri side to the areas at Mahul where still there were still lot of mud flats exposed for them to feed.
We also could see many other waders and sea birds like Sand plovers, terek sandpipers, oriental white ibis, large egret, whiskered tern, little tern, redshank, etc.

Here are a few photos of the birds and the birders.

Oriental white ibis

Pond heron

Serwri landscape

Julius and Jacob

Great egret

Big flock of flamigoes coming from sewri

Flamigo flocks

Gull billed tern