Sunday, October 18, 2015

Visit to Owlekar Wadi 2015-10-18

October, November is said to be the best time to see lot of butterflies around mumbai.

So we decided to make a visit to Ovalekar wadi a open air butterfly garden near Owla village on Ghodbander road, Thane.

Rajendra Ovalekar himself has taken lot of pains growing butterfly nectar and food plants from 1991 and now it is a home to 132 species of butterflies and many other insects & birds.

For more details on Ovalekar Wadi please visit

Common Evening brown

Common Silverline

Common Barron

Common baron with Proboscis rolled up

Common baron with Proboscis elongated

Common baron with Proboscis elongated

Signature Spider

Common bushbrown

Mostly moth caterpillar?

Red pierrot on lantana

swift or awl
Robber Fly

Crimson Rose caterpillar

Moth Caterpillar



Ants feeding on secretion from common lime caterpillar

Crab Spider

Stripped Tiger Caterpillar going into pupa


Stripped Tiger laying egg on Rui plant

Common Baron

Black Rajah

Gunj or Crabs eye

Stripped Tiger

Tawny Coster

Sunday, April 05, 2015

2015-03-27-29 Tadoba

Just being in the jungle is fascinating for me.
So decided to make a third trip (Link to the blog of earlier trips November 2011 and June 2013)

This time saw 2 tigers (and a half , see pics later to know why half :-))
But seeing those 2 was also quite exciting and also to observe the other wild animals and birds.

Thick bamboo jungle on both sides
Thick green tall trees
 Forest around with a waterhole serving as 
life for multitude of animals and birds
Changing colors of the leaves
A sudden shower of rain leaving a fog on the trail

Jungle and the different shades of sun

Barking Deer

Sambar Deer

Chital (Spotted Deer)

Indian Gaur (Bison)



Sloth Bear

Wild Boar

Wild Dog

And Last but not the least

The Tiger

Eye of the half tiger :-)

Indian Peacock

Crested Hawk-Eagle

Crested Serpent Eagle

Grey headed Fish Eagle

Red Wattled Lapwing

Bharadwaj (Crow Pheasant)

Common Hawk Cuckoo

Asian Brown Flycatcher


Indian Roller (On the way from Nagpur)

Cattle Egret (On the way from Nagpur)

Yellow Footed Green Pigeon

White Bellied Drongo

Brown Fish Owl

Stork Billed Kingfisher