Thursday, October 11, 2018

Spiti Trip 28th June 2018 - Part4 Dhankar Monestary

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Dhankar Gompa

In the morning it was still a little cloudy.

Dhankar Gompa is situated at a height of 12,700 feet overlooking the confluence of Pin and Spiti rivers.

At Dhankar we got Momos and Thukpa finally at a small restaurant just at the base of the Monastery.

While the lunch was getting prepared we captured our camera kits - All Nikons :-)

After lunch as we started back it started to openup so we took some pics and timelapse videos.

Spiti River Bed

 While returning back to Kaza we actually got down to the riverbed of spiti and got some very interesting pictures and timelapse videos.

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