Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015-01-10 Karnala

This was my second visit to Karnala on consecutive weekends.
This time it was with my friends from my earlier company.

It started with an orange headed ground thrush popping out of the undergrowth when we were trying to look for sunbird, drongo and tailor bird in a very low light condition.

The orange headed ground thrush obliged us for long time and we were able to see its feeding habit very closely.
As we moved on chestunut shouldered petronias or the yellow throated sparrows flew over head, rested on a tree for a brief time and then flew ahead.

The activity was comparatively low with no sound of bronzed drongos or woodshrikes or paradise flycatcher.

We reached the guest house and tried to search for green pigeons and flycatcher but with no luck.
But we saw a flock of rose ringed parakeets sitting on a tree top across the pond.
And also Chestnut Shouldered Petronia and Ashy drongo having a breakfast.

Then we moved down the mortaka trail and took the turn on the Harial trail crossing the bridge.

Here there was a flowering red silk cotton tree and there we saw a purple sunbird and an ashy drongo.

We also observed some other beauties of nature in the form of peacock pansy and the giant wood spider which had woven a beatiful huge web as usual.

Just on the right site in the thick vegetation we saw the treepie and black hooded oriole.

Down the Harial trial near the main road again we encountered a pair of Chestnut Shouldered petronias and a pygmy wood pecker.

From here we traced back the trail to the bridge and then moved to the open space.
Here we saw common woodshrike, purple sunbird trying to build a nest and a white bellied drongo.

At the end of the trail near the stream we saw a juvenile black hooded oriole, chestnut shouldered petronia and rose ringed parakeet.

We saw also a flock of 5-6 white rumped munias (only seen in this area of karnala).

From here we returned back to guest house to have some breakfast and ended our trip here!!

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