Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012-01-28-IIT Powai

Started birding at 7:35am at the lake with my friend Abhijit who is an IIT, Mumbai alumnii and Rohit Prabhu.

The first thing was a crocodile swiming across the lake. It was atleast 5feet. It was a wonderful sight watching it swim elegantly and pretty fast.

Within the hycinths on the shore of were Purple moorhens, bronze winged jacana, pond heron, purple heron, glossy ibis, egrets, lesser whistling teals and a Marsh Harrier sitting on the opposite shore.

From here we moved towards the boat club.
The road just after the end of guest house turned out to be most rewarding.

It started with a Ashy drongo.
Ashy Drongo

Followed by Black kite nesting and having breakfast.
Black Kite with a feast (The tail of the prey can be seen hanging from within its legs)

A flock of jungle babblers were create a lot of noise nearby and within this noise was a
Jungle Babbler

Jungle Babbler

white throated kingfisher and a long tailed shrike sitting still.
White Throated Kingfisher

White Throated Kingfisher

A paradise flycatcher was giving us repeated nice views.
Paradise Flycatcher

There were the usuals red whiskered bulbuls, magpie robin, crimson breasted barbet, purple sunbird, golden oriole, a single tickels blue flycatcher and a crow pheasant.
Crow Pheasant

There were also lot of palm sifts flying high up in the sky above us.
Palm Swift

As we reached the boat club we saw a purple heron, common coot and little grebe along with purple moorhens, bronze winged jacanas, glossy ibis and a red wattled lapwing.
Bronze Winged Jacana

Purple Moorhen

Blyths reed warbler

Ashy Prinia

At the boat club we saw a great show by a kite doing some fishing showing his somewhat acrobatic skills of diving.
Black Kite

Black Kite doing some acrobatics

A juvenile kite was sitting on the tree next to the boat club and on an island in the lake was sitting a
Juvenile Black Kite

Intermediate egret with a non-breeding Pheasant tailed jacana.
Non-breed pheasant tailed Jacana and an Intermediate Egret

The posts in the lake were filled with cormorants and barn swallows.

A blyths reed warbler and ashy prinia were jumping on the grassblades around.

While returning on one of the trees we saw a colony of Night Herons with a juvenile.

Wonderful way to end this wonderful birding morning was to have a sumptuous breakfast at the IIT canteen :-)

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