Sunday, June 14, 2009


Oriental dwarf kingfisher is a regular visitor to Mumbai region during the rainy season.
This year the reports started coming from the Nagla block.

These are very small just 13cm in size very very colorful and fly like a bullet.
Even with the kingfisher calling its almost impossible to see it in flight.

Got just record shots due to poor light.

Oriental dwarf kingfisher

The other birds seen and heard were the Black napped monarch, Orange headed ground thrush, pale billed flowerpecker, sunbirds.

Shama was continuously calling. Heard monarch's breeding call and also saw monarch taking some nesting material.

The spotted babblers calls could be heard and at the end while we were returning back we could see a flock of 4-5 spotted babblers.

Spotted babbler (Puff throated babbler)

The Forest Calotes was in very bright breeding plumage.
Forest Calotes

Spotted Swordtail

Common Baronet

Resin dropping from a tree

Gulmohar flowering in the village at the base of Nagla trail

Ran Halad

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