Sunday, May 03, 2009

Airoli Flamingo Watch 3 May 2009 (First trip with 150-500)

On 2nd May bought a new lens the Sigma 150-500 OS HSM and was very eager to use it.
Immediately called Jayesh to check if any plans can be made.

Got a confirmation in the evening that we are goind to Airoli next day for the flamingo watch.
Reached on 3rd May morning 7:30 am at Airoli

The shore line was lined with atleast 200-300 waders most of them curlew sandpipers in very lovely rusty breeding plumage.

There were little stints, sanderlings, sand plovers, whiskered terns also in breeding plumage with black belly and red legs & beak, little terns, gull billed terns.

Curlew sandpiper flock

Curlew sandpiper closeup

Waders (little stints, sanderlings)

Curlew sandpipers in flight

Some distance ahead was a huge flock of sand plovers. With a very beautiful orange plumage.

Waders flock


Sand plover


Mix of whiskered tern, gull billed tern, a gull, sanderlinf, little stint and curlew sandpiper

Little tern

Gull billed tern

Little ahead was a complete line of Flamingoes for many kms.
There would be atleast 10000 of them. It was a mix of both lesser as well as greater flamingoes.

Flamingo flock

Flamingo Flock

Flamingo with a very pink beak

Flamnigo flock

Dancing flamingo

Little stints (Is there a sanderling in the background)


Flamingo dance

Flamingo flock

Flamingo in Flight

Flamingo in flight

Flamingo in flight

Flamingo in flight


Flamingo race

Flamingo Flock

Congregation of flamingoes

Other birds seen were the cormorant, oriental white ibis, great egret.

One of the cormorant dived in the the water and came up with a good catch.

Cormorant with a catch


Orinetal white ibis

Ibis in flight

Great Egret


Vamsee Modugula said...

Beautiful snaps Alok. So lucky that you were able to go so close to the flamingoes.

Unknown said...

Mast timing for "Cormorant with a catch" !! :-)

Unknown said...

Very nice Pics

Jayesh Timbadia said...

Lovely pictures Alok

Er. kherodkar said...

Dear Alok
Sarva fotos khup chan aahet

tu tripod vapartos kay


Trupti Shirodkar said...

NICE PICS.... :)

Can u tell me how to reach airoli for watching flemingos???

Trupti Shirodkar said...
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Unknown said...

I want to go to this place...can you help me with the way