Friday, January 30, 2009

2009-01-25 Kavadi, Pune

When at Sihgadh valley we had met a gentleman, Manoj Baghwat. He had guided us on how to visit this place.
So we took the PMT bus to hadapsar and from there another bus going to KanchanUrali passing via Kavadi fata.

From this fata it was told that it is around 1 1/2 km. But this walk was also very enjoyable and fruitful with respect to birds. The first that we encoutered was the male ond female of the pied buschat. Little ahead we also saw the siberian stonechat.

Common stonechat

Pied buschat (Male)

Pied bushchat (Female)

There were lot of wagtails in the fields which were stretching far on both the sides of the road. A car passed us and we observed that the gentleman had stopped at the pied buschat and then proceeded ahead and so we thought that he must be a birder.

Wood sandpiper

Pond heron

Wood sandpiper

Pied wagtail

Yellow wagtail

Yellow wagtail


Big flock of ducks

Duck flock

Duck flock with garganey female

Glossy ibis in flight

Brahminy duck group

Complete flock

Brahminy duck in flight

Common teal and Garganey female(?)

Garganey Female (?)

Common teal

Glossy Ibis

Brahminy duck

Wire tailed swallow


Rohit Charpe said...

very nice pics! where is this location exactly? is it famous for birding?

Yogi said...

I am planning to visit this place for bird photography.Could you please provide me some guidance ?

What is the best time to get best shots from this place ?