Sunday, December 16, 2007

Karnala and Uran Dec 2007

At 7:45 started from Karnala main gate.

Walking ahead the first right is the Hariyal trail.
At the corner on the turn on the Hariyal trail in the right side bushes we noticed a lot of activitiy.
There was an Ashy drongo and a few Brown cheeked fulvetta or the Quacker Babblers.
Few purple sunbirds were flying around.

Going ahead in the open area on the tree there were
4-5 pompadour green pigeons males and females basking in the sun.

Males have a maroon on the
wings while these are missing on the female.

Pompadour Green Pigeon (Female)

Pompodour Green Pigeon (Male)

While observing the green pigeons a smaller birds came and sat on the tree in front of it.
It was the beautiful and colorful small minivet male with the female.

Small Minivet

Also there were many chestnut shouldered petronias or the yellow throated sparrows.

Chestnut shouldered Petronia

While observing the small minivet and green pigeons in the thick follage behind us someone observed the vey beautiful
male white morph of the paradise flycatcher and while watching it there came the black hooded oriole.

Asian Paradise flycatcher (Record shot)

A little ahead a common woodshrike came and sat in a small leafless bush in the front. It looked as if it was trying to collect dry leaves.

Common Woodshrike

A little ahead on a tree there were 2 Gold fronted chloropsis and common woodshrikes.
Gold fronted Chloropsis

2 raptors were observed flying high and little away.
Then they came near and were identified as the Oriental Honey Buzzard.

Oriental Honey Buzzard

We heard a drongo like call but it turned out to be a Shikra.


Also saw a glimpse of the Tree pie, Eurasian black bird and mostly a Cuckoo shrike.

There were a fewer flowers now in the forest ground but these are a few i got.
(It would be great if someone could id them)

There were also Giant wood spiders all over the place.
Giant wood spider

From there we went ahead to Uran as Adesh had reported that both Lesser and Greater Flamingoes have arrived and the brahminy shelducks. We could see them as well as the other waders were
Grey heron
Purple heron
Lesser sand plovers
Little stints
Common snipes
Norther shoveller

Flamingo scape


Unknown said...

A very good photo report :)

~ jai

Sahil Latheef said...

Great blog...

May you keep going out more often so people like me can enjoy the great birdlife back home in Bombay!!!


Unknown said...

Hi Alok,
Thanks. Lovely snaps.