Monday, July 30, 2007

Near Hetavde dam 29 July 2007

Start time: 6:45 am from Vashi
Stopovers: Nerul lake on palm beach road, Kilegoathan
Location: On road to Ransai off Uran road

First we stopped at the pond near Nerul where Julius showed us the hunting pattern of Indian Cormorants.I also have a video will upload later.

Nerul lake full of indian cormorants , atleast 200.

Fishing in a group

We also got a good sight of a brahminy kite flying past.

Then next stop was at kilegoathan.
Where we say a few cormorants, Common kingfisher and 2 bronzewinged Jacanas

Bronze winged jacana mostly on his nest at kilegoathan

Then we proceeded on the road to Uran and took a left at a point where the road leads to Ransai.
Some distance on this road we see a board of Hetavde dam and just next to it is an open space, with a small shelter , mostly to be converted to container yard.

The trail starts from here and taking the left trail we reach the top of the hillock.

At the start of the trail itself as Julius had mentioned we heard a peacock call and then saw a male and 2 females sitting on a tree on the hillock.
It was the first time i was seeing a peacock in wild near Mumbai.
(It is there in SGNP but I have not been lucky enough to see it yet)

Tawny-bellied Babbler

Birding spot

On road to Ransai dam

Life on the rocks

Glory Lilly

Great Orange tip on Glory lilly

Grey breasted prinia

Happy birders

Black shouldered kite hovering

Red wattled lapwing at kilegoathan

List of birds:
1) Grey breasted prinia (very very vocal)
2) India peacock
3) Malabar whistling thrush
4) Spot billed ducks
5) Indian cormorants
6) Brahminy kite
7) Indian robin
8) Red wattled lapwing
9) Lesser whistling ducks( 2 flying)
10) Cattle egret
11) Common kingfisher
12) White throated kingfisher
13) Laughing dove
14) Spotted dove
15) Black shouldered kite
16) Mystery bird
17) Bronze winged jacana

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Adesh Shivkar said...

Your mystery bird is a Twany Bellied Babbler (Previously called as Rufous Bellied babbler).... These are quite numerous in the area surrounding the Ransai Dam.....particularly near the gate:))