Sunday, January 14, 2007

TS Chanakya Jan 2007

My self and my friend Dr Saurabh Jindal started the walk at around 8am on 14th of Jan.

This is the trail map (picture taken from google earth).

As soon as we left the palm beach road and started on the trail towards the talaw we were welcome by the Barn swallows and wire tailed swallows flying very nearby us giving us a good look at them.
There were also a few palm swifts flying higher.

Near the talaw we saw a plain prinia and mostly a young of common stone chat.

In the talaw there were a lot of waders. A large group of stints flying farther away, a group of common redshanks, sandpipers, a little egret and a lone grey heron.
Also there were pond herons and little cormorants.

The other water bodies beyond the lake have dried by now and we could walk across them towards the other side near the more grassland to look out for munia.
We got a closer look at pond heron in this area.

On the other side we saw a huge gathering of red munia. Around 30-40 of them sitting on grass and on ground. It was red every where.

A lone pied bushchat was also sitting in the background (see image below)

A pair of Red wattled lapwings. This one shot a little later.

Long tailed Shrike

There were atlead 8-10 spotted doves and similar number of laughing doves.

Laughing Dove

As there were lot of red munias on the ground there were also a lot of Ashy crowned sparrow larks. A shot of male and female below.

Also saw a Singing bushlark (correct me if i am wrong)

The day was made by a blue throat hopping around for a long time giving us ample time to admire it.

There was lone Common bushchat disturbing the blue throat.

Further ahead we saw around 4 hoopes and a pair of green bee earters.

On the sea front we could see some grey herons, egrets, plovers, sandpipers, red shanks and eurasian curlews.
On the way back we saw a shikra female perched on a tree nearby and a black kite sitting on a stone.

All in all a great day !!!

Bird List
1 Drongo Black
2 Redshak Common
3 Prinia Plain
4 Stonechat Siberian
5 Sandpiper Common
6 Heron Grey
7 Egret Little
8 Cormorant Little
9 Stints
10 Tern Gullbilled
11 Kingfisher Common
12 Munia Red
13 Buschat Pied
14 Lark Ashy crowned
15 Dove Spotted
16 Dove Laughing
17 Bluethroat
18 Lapwing Red wattled
19 Beeeater Green
20 Hoopoe Common
21 Oriole Eurasian Golden
22 Bushlark Singing
23 Robin Magpie
24 Shrike Longtailed
25 Swallows Common
26 Swallows Wiretailed
27 Swift Palm
28 Kingfisher White Breated
29 Shikra
30 Shrike Long tailed


Kcalpesh said...

Hi, does this place still exist? Nice photos...

Kcalpesh said...

Hi, does this place still exist? Nice photos...

Alok Bhave said...

Yes this place very much exists and its more famously called Talawe. You will find many writeups on this place in my blog.