Saturday, January 20, 2018

2017-12-26 Jhalana - Leopard Safari

26th Dec 2017 - Jhalana Forest Safari, Jaipur

We reached Jaipur by train by around 6am and start away took OLA to Jhalana Lepoard Safari. We reached there by 6.30 and had to wait till 7am for the safari to start.

In within 30min of the start of the safari we got our first target species the Stripped Hyenna standing right in the middle of the road on a turn.
It looked around for 10sec and then went off the road and climbed on the top of the hillock on which the road was built.

There were lot of Peacocks in this forest which we understood are the main prey for the leopards here.
The other birds seen were Rufous treepie, indian silverbill, white eared bulbul, eurasian sparrowhawk, purple sunbird, Grey Francolin, a wonderful Eurasian Scoops Owl and a surprise lifer White Capped Bunting.
There are also a lot of Blue bull and Chitals.

We finally got our other target the Leopard in the second safari towards the middle of the safari. It was the only leopard sighting we had.


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