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2017-12-20 Kheechan - Land of cranes

20th Dec 2017 Jodhpur - Kheechan - Khudi

The train was 1hour late but the cab driver was already there so we immediately started our journey after a quick breakfast of Samosas, Mirchi Wada and Tea.

First interesting sighting was atleast 15-20 yellow footed green pigeons sitting together on wires at multiple places and a huge number of collared doves.

We reached Kheechan by 12pm and the villagers immediately directed us to a water body where we could see the cranes from a safe distance without disturbing them thanks to a nice viewing gallery constructed by the Villagers.

We could very nicely witness the cranes at a very short distance drinking water and then flying away to a nearby another water body.

Interesting there were lot of tourists coming to the place for seeing the cranes.

Here we also saw Plain martins, Common Teal, Little Grebe.

We left Kheechan by 1.30pm, had lunch nearby and proceeded to Khudi.

On the way we could see some raptors and one of them was Long Legged Buzzard sitting very nearby the highway and a White Browed Fantail at a team stall.

As we approached Khudi the landscape changed drastically from semi arid to almost desert like with very short bushes and sandy soil.

The cloud formations and setting sun creating wonderful colors in the sky.

Finally we reached Pansari Resorts in Khudi by 7pm and enjoyed a nice local folk song & dance program exclusively for us as that day we were the only occupants in the resort as the holiday season was still 2 days away.

There was no vodafone or BSNL network in khudi but there was Jio data available and from the hotel wifi talked to our guide Uras Khan with whom we had been talking for last month booking him and a vehicle for 2 days (21st and 22nd Dec).

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