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2017-04-29 Binsar Pangoot

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29th April 2017 - Pangoot
After a good night sleep we got up early next morning for witnessing the sunrise from the KMVN terrace. It was amazing experience with tea served right on the terrace.

With the sunrise we were also witnessing golden light on Snow capped Trishul mountain range.

Then we planned to do a walk to the highest point called zero point from where one gets good views of the snow peaks as well as do some birding on the way.

It is a very moist evergreen forest with moss laden tree branches.

And ofcourse got some birds.
Bar Tailed Treecreeper
Bar Tailed Treecreeper
Rufous Sibia
Rufous Sibia
After getting back we again proceeded towards the terrace to take some pics of the snow covered mountain range.

Spot Winged Tit
Spot-Winged Tit

Had breakfast, freshned up, packed the bags and started for pangoot. Had something to eat near Ranikhet (Hotel Sahaj).

Till we reached Nainital it started to get quite dark and it was as if it would rain at any time.
We stopped at a restaurant at the exit of Nainital to have some lunch. After lunch as we started for Pangoot it started to rain drop by drop and the drops falling on the windshield were actually frozen water drops which used to melt immediately.

The weather had turned rainy. It remaining so till we reached Pangoot by around 4pm.
We checked into Hotel Janardhan and had tea.
Oriental Turtle Dove

Thick Forest

Due to uncertain weather we were not sure whether to venture outside or not. But we decided to move towards Binayak.

On the way we came across a small village with Tapri and a wonderful valley behind.
The sun had started to move down and was creating nice art with light and shadow play from behind the dark clouds.

We did some photography here had tea at the Tapri. Till that time the sun had set and cold breeze was making us shiver.

We returned back to the hotel, ordered food, had nice dinner and went to sleep early.

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