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2017-04-27 Sattal

Had been reading for many years about good birding in Himalayas during March-April timeframe.
Finally this year along with 4 other friends decided to do a trip to Kumaon region mainly including Sattal, Binsar and Pangoot.

27th April 2017 Delhi - Sattal

Started from delhi airport 5am on 27th April 2017
Breakfast on the way at haveli at 8am

Lunch on the way at bilaspur near rudrapur at a friends place
Reached sattal at 3.30pm
Had tea, freshened up and started the trail at 4.30pm

Just before leaving did some birding in campus. Brown fronted woodpecker, great barbet, jungle myna.
Great Barbet

Met Adesh and mandar earlier the way and again at the sattal studio trail.
They provided some tips on which birds to see and where.

Just as we got down the steps we started seeing birds around, green backed tit, grey bushchat, tickels thrush, ashy drongo, black headed jay.

As we moved on the trail verditer flycatcher flew overhead and little ahead at a water point saw black lored tit.

As we reached the studio the photographers were already seated.

Fantail flycatcher was the resident.

Verditer flycatcher was sitting nearby giving good pics, a pfc white morph, Meanwhile earlier saw grey winged black bird just after the studio point.

Continuing at the studio there were red billed leothrix, drongo cuckoo, etc

On the way back met other friends on the top of a kind of viewing gallery. From there we tried some shots of sun going behind the mountain and then the sattal lake behind us.

But at the same we also saw some interesting birds, the red billed blue magpie, lesser yellow nape, orange headed ground thrush.

In the lake behind we saw gargeney ducks.
With the indian coral tree, jacaranda and many other flowering trees it was a nice view.

We decided to go around the lake. We got himalayan goldenback atleast 3 individuals.

 A forest fire not sure natural or man made was burning a part of the forest on the top of the hillock.

We returned to the kmvn guest house by 7.30pm. It was just on the side of lake a very nice location. Also being a weekday there was not much rush. We had nice simple dinner at the rest house and retired early to sleep as everyone was tired after a long travel from Mumbai to Delhi to sattal.

Also since we were at an altitude and quite on east the sunrise was quite early at around 5.30am. So had to get up early for the birding session.

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