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2009-08-17-Out of the window

I am sure there are a lot of birds seen around ones building. The trees around provide shelter or food or observation points or all for different bird species.

I have tried below to capture some of the bird species, their habits and the trees on which they were seen around my place.

Here is a listing of the trees in the vicinity of my building and some of the birds that I have observed on them.

Drumstick Tree
Purple rumped sunbirds take fancy to the nectar of these flowers and are seen every day almost the whole day.
I have also seen white eyes on it but using it only for resting only.

Mango Tree
I have seen crimson breasted barbet, purple rumped sunbird, magpie robin using this tree to call out during breeding season.
Other birds like fantail flycatcher, tailor bird ,warbler (only during winter) and even egrets come here to feast on the insects flying around this tree.
Golder oriole and bulbuls find it a safe shelter.

Badam Tree
Birds use it for feasting on insects and as shelter during rains mainly the tailor bird, fantail flycatcher, warbler, sparrows and purple rumped sunbirds.
Its fruits are feasted upon by the Alexandrine and rose ringed parakeets.

Imli Tree
This is a big tree providing shelter for all kinds of birds from Crows, mynas, Koel, Drongos to even a golden Orioles and Common Ioras.
For many years have been seen it being used by Cattle egrets atleast good many 10-15 pairs used to nest here. This year (2009) have not seen many and those who built their nests abondened it.

Prajkta Bush
This sweet smelling bush provides a shelter and mostly a roosting place for sparrow, tailor bird, fantail flycatcher and sunbird.

Here is the list of birds recorded till now (1st Nov 2014)

  1. Purple rumped sunbird
  2. Crow pheasant
  3. Oriental White eye
  4. Alexandrine parakeet
  5. Asian Koel
  6. Ashy drongo
  7. Crimson breasted barbet
  8. Fantail Flycatcher
  9. Golden Oriole
  10. Common Iora
  11. Cattle Egret
  12. House sparrow
  13. Oriental Magpie Robin
  14. Black Kite
  15. Red vented Bulbul
  16. Red whiskered bulbul
  17. Rose Ringed Parakeet
  18. Booted Warbler
  19. Tailor Bird
  20. Common Myna
  21. Black Naped Oriole
  22. Blue Rock Pigeon
  23. Asian Paradise Flycatcher

Purple rumped sunbird (Leptocoma zeylonica - 10cm) (Back)
Marathi Name: Suryapakshi
Sunbirds mainly feed on nectar. The beaks are down turned with a long tongue so that they can suck the nector out of the flowers. I have seen them many times bathing in the water collected on the leaves. The

Pic Taken: Aug 2009

Pic Taken: Aug 2009

Pic Taken: Aug 2009

Crow pheasant (Centropus sinensis - 48cm)(Back)
Marathi Name: Bharadwaj
A bharadwaj one rainy evening was being chased away by a pair of fantail flycatchers. It is known fact that Bharadwaj steal small bird eggs and flycatchers are known to nest around.

Pic Taken: July 2009

Oriental White eye (Zosterops palpebrosus - 10cm)(Back)
They feed on insects found on the bushes and are seen many times upside down looking for insects. Sometimes they also feed on nectar.

Pic Taken: May2009

Pic Taken: April2010

Alexandrine parakeet (Psittacula eupatria - 53cm)(Back)
This is much bigger than the normal Rose ringed parakeet. Also the red patch on the wing is very prominent. The mainly feed on fruits and are responsible dispersion of seeds like most of the fruit eating birds. Have seen them eating badam fruits.

Pic Taken: May 2009

Pic Taken: Feb 2008

Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopaceus - 45cm)(Back)
A member of a cuckoo family popularly known as Kokila in marathi.
The sweet calls of these are heard a lot during the summer.
Like any other cuckoo its a parasite and lays eggs in other birds nests. Have seen crows raising koel kids around a lot.

Pic Taken: June 2009

Ashy drongo (Dicrurus leucophaeus - 29cm)(Back)
Marathi Name: Kotwal
This is a migratory drongo seen after september. Golden orioles are generally seen with these drongos. Drongos are called kotwal as it keeps a watch out does not allow raptors and crows

Pic Taken: Feb 2009

Crimson breasted barbet (Megalaima haemacephala - 17cm)(Back)
Marathi Name: Tambat
It is famous for his call tuk-tuk-tuk which sounds like metal striking against metal giving it the name coppersmith barbet or tambat in marathi.

Pic Taken: Sep 2009

Pic Taken: Sep 2010

Fantail Flycatcher (Rhipidura aureola - 17cm)(Back)
As the name suggests it feeds on flies and is very skillful in catching flies in flight. Also as per its first name its tails is fan like.
This bird is one of the most vocal but the most difficult one to click mainly because of the fact that it never sits still.
They are known to be very aggressive defenders. I have many times seen the pair make a huge noise when a crow comes near their tree hosting the nest and even ones seen them plucking at a bhardwaj consistently till it gave up and flew away.

Pic Taken: Sep 2009

Golden Oriole (Oriolus oriolus - 25cm)(Back)
Marathi Name: Haldya
One of my favorite bird because of its vibrant yellow color like that of turmeric (called Halad in marathi) giving it the marathi name.
It also has a very sweet note but at the same time its defending call is very harsh.
Pic Taken: Feb 2008

Pic Taken: Sep 2009

Common Iora (Aegithina tiphia - 25cm)(Back)
Again a very beautiful singer but its call is heard only during the mating season.
A very beautiful bird have not yet got a good shot of it.
Pic Taken: March 2012
Pic Taken: March 2012

Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis - 88cm)(Back)
This bird is generally seen along with the grazing cattle. It feed on the insects which are disturbed by the movement of the cattle. They like other egrets and herons nest in huge colonies and there is one such nesting colony on the imli next to our building.
The breeding adults have a beautiful brownish golden plumage and reddish yellowish beak and red eyes.

Pic Taken: June 2008

Pic Taken: June 2008

Pic Taken: May 2008

House sparrow (Male) (Passer domesticus - 15cm)(Back)

Pic Taken: Nov 2007
Pic Taken: May 2009

Pic Taken: May 2009

Oriental Magpie Robin (Copsychus saularis - 20cm)(Back)
Marathi Name: Dayal
Pic Taken: May 2009

Black Kite (Milvus migrans - 61cm)(Back)
Marathi Name: Ghaar
Pic Taken: Sep 2009

Pic Taken: July 2009

Pic Taken: July 2009

Red vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus cafer - 20cm)(Back)
Marathi Name: Lalbudya bulbul

Pic Taken: Feb 2007

Red whiskered bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus - 20cm)(Back)
Marathi Name: Bulbul

Pic Taken: Feb 2008

Rose Ringed Parakeet (Psittacula krameri - 42cm)(Back)
Marathi Name: Popat

Pic Taken: Dec 2007

Pic Taken: May 2008
Pic Taken: May 2008

Booted Warbler (Hippolais caligata - 12cm)(Back)

Pic Taken: Dec 2007

Tailor Bird (Orthotomus sutorius - 13cm)(Back)
Marathi Name: Shimpi

Pic Taken: Feb 2008
Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis - 23cm)(Back)
Marathi Name: Salunki

Pic Taken: June 2010
Black Naped Oriole(Oriolus chinensis - 25cm)(Back)
Marathi Name: Kalya Manecha Haldya

Pic Taken: Dec 2011
Pic Taken: Dec 2011
Pic Taken: Dec 2011
Pic Taken: Dec 2011

Blue Rock Pigeon(Columba Livia - 33cm)(Back)
Marathi Name: Parva

Pic Taken: Dec 2012
Asian Paradise Flycatcher(Terpsiphone paradisi - 50cm)(Back)
Marathi Name: Swargiya Nartak

Pic Taken: Nov 2014
Scaly Breasted Munia(Lonchura punctulata - 10cm)(Back)
Marathi Name: Thipkedar Manoli

Pic Taken: Nov 2010


~Shubhangi~ said...

Amazing photos and information!
we were searching for the english name for bharadwaj, and found it on your blog...and ended up learning about many other birds as well!!

Deepa said...

Dhanyawaad for sharing this useful information of our local birds .. especially their local names of these birds..the local names are not available in many of the international bird databases.
The photos are very nice too, provides good information of their habitats.

Avinash Bhagat said...

Great pictures and info...

Makarand Kulkarni said...

Nice info, Lovely shots.