Monday, August 10, 2009

2009-08-09 Uran

Started morning 7am from near my place (Deonar).
On the way stopped at Kille gaothan to have a quick check.
Saw baya weavers, yellow eyed babblers, pied startling.

Reached Uran at around 8am.
First stop was at the water body on the right of the road just before the railway crossing to have a look if wire tailed swallows were sitting at their favorite spot.
This is the pic taken in July 08

There was a single spot billed duck, few wire tailed swallows flying around, a pair of cotton pygmy goose settled and then immediately took off. Plain and ashy prinias were abundunt. Baya weavers were busy making nests.

Ashy Prinia with nesting material

Greater Flamingo

Lesser Whistlings in flight

Intermediate egret

Common Moorhen

Pheasant tailed Jacana

Cotton pygmy goose

Pond Heron

Black winged stilts

Scaly breasted munia

Black headed bunting (juv)

Black winged stilts in flight

Brahminy kite attacking flamingo

Wire tailed and barn swallows

Jungle Myna

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Unknown said...

dear Alok, The Egret seems to me to be a Great Egret (Casmerodius albus).

Dr. Sudhanshu Kothe