Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015-12-26 Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Read about morning Bhigwan session here

It took us around 1 hour to reach Mayuresh Wildlife Sanctuary entrance.

We went to the forest office to get the permits.
It was just off the main road and it was quite easy to get the permits.
They also distribute a very wonderful broucher including the information about the wildlife sanctuary.

The actual entrance to the sanctuary is further ahead.

Its just a baracade like gate which was open.
Just before the entrance we saw a bay backed shrike and got off to have a look.

Surprisingly it was chasing away feverishly a Southern grey shrike which was also quite persistent and was continuously returning to the territory of the Bay Backed Shrike as if to tease it.
Just before that we could hear a bushlark singing very nearby and got some good shots.

There is a mud road inside the sanctuary with huge grasslands and some areas with shrubs, a very good area for chinkaras and other grassland birds & animals.

A little ahead while driving a spotted a small movement on the right deep inside the shrubs and we saw our first chinkara.

We got some shots, but it was too shy and made a run for life as sson it got the slightest hint that we were watching it.

A little ahead just near the road were a pair of yellow wattled lapwing which are always a delight watch mainly the transparent grey eyes, head tilt and the pattern behind its head.

Then the most exciting sighting was that of the Indian Courser (Dhavik in marathi due its special walking style which is like running).

The other regular grassland birds seen were the
Paddyfield pipit

Ashy crowned sparrow larks - lots of them on  heap of rocks at the end of the sanctuary

Collored dove

Laughing dove
Rufous tailed lark

While returing we also saw a Greater spotted eagle circling high up in the sky.

We decided to explore a small diversion to the left of the main road before returning back.
Just as we took the left we saw a chinkara very nearby in beatuiful evening light.

It was a pleasure to watch it and get some pics.

At the end of the road was a small man made water hole.
Not much activity here but overall a fantastic day of birding at bhigwan and here at Mayureshwar Sanctuary.

We ended the day with a wonderful view of the sunset beyond the shurbs and grassland!!

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