Monday, July 15, 2013

Karnala in Monsoon July 2013

As the monsoon sets in, Karnala transformers itself from a dry forest to thick green forest.

The sounds of White Rumped Shama along with puff throated babbler, white cheeked fulvetta, common iora, bronzed drongo and ever imitating call of racket tailed drongo fills the air.
This time we heard the racket tailed drongo mimicing a red wattled lapwing. It was amazing!!

We could also see the golden fronted cholorpsis, purple rumped sunbird, orange minivet, black naped monarch and pygmy woodpecker.

The bird life infact is a little invisible in this thick jungle but the reptiles and mushrooms or fungii are seen every where and in different forms.

In the form of flora one can see orchids like the foxtailed orchid and ranchafa flowering everywhere.

Foxtail Orchid

The small walk way leading down from the guest house is generally overflowing with the water.
In this flowing water the budding life is visible in the form of tadpoles.

Streams are flowing at many places and the thick creepers in this thick foliage gives a very prestine feeling.

Hope this forest is conserved as it is !!

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