Sunday, October 30, 2011


Today morning 7am we (Dr. Saurabh and me) started from Vashi for Chirner and decided with good advice from my friend Ritesh to do some birding on the way at Kombudbhuje.

But with such a nice birding experience at this place we ended up doing birding here till 9:30, when the sun was pretty high in the sky and shining with full force.

This place has a wonderful mix habitat with marshy land and mangroves and a small hillock with grassland and small trees & bushes.

Taking left from from the road towards we stopped at the waterbody to get a glimpse at a lot of activity over mangroves.
It was a flock of 30-40 Baya weavers and equal number of rosy startlings all in non-breeding plumage and some molting.
Baya weaver Female

Baya Weaver Male

Within these flocks were also laughing dove pairs, scaly breasted munia flocks and a spotted dove basking in morning sun and taking bath.
 There was also a pair of purple heron.

In the marshy wetland just besides were little ringed plovers and the wonderful Pacific golden plovers (4 of them), first sigthings of the migratories this season for me.

Clamorous reed warblers were calling and as usual not very visible but one came very near and gave good views.

Clamarous Reed Warbler

Ahead there is grassland and small hillock we got some good surprises.
A Eurasian Wryneck on the grass gave us a quick view.
Eurasian Wryneck

And 3 jungle bush quails chasing each other on the slopes. We were watching them playing for around 15min.
Jungle Bush Quail

Jungle Bush Quail

There was a purple sunbird displaying with its yellow-orange tufts.

Purple Sunbird

On the otherside of the hillock is a vast marshy land where we could see grey herons, egrets, Wood sandpiper, common sandpiper, a common snipe and common redshanks.

Other sightings were
red avadavats
plain prinia
ashy prinia
Indian robin
black headed munias
long tailed shrike
Green beeeaters
Common stonechat
Red wattled lapwing
Pied starlings (15-20)
3 Glossy ibis (highup in flight)

Mud Skipper

Picturewing or is it only a dragonfly?

Indian robin with a plastic :-(

All in all a wonderful Sunday birding!!!

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