Friday, June 24, 2011

2011-06-18-19 Matheran

Toad with their croaking indicative of rains

A closeup of the back of the toad

Generally heavy moss is seen on trees in areas having high like Matheran during the rains

Thick and dark forests form a part of major landscape of Matheran

Orange Headed ground thrush a very common resident of Matheran very vocal and active during mansoon

Beautiful flowers like these with droplets of water form a very good subject of photography during mansoons

Matheran was established as a Hill station during the British Raj. Still one can see old bungalows with beautiful architecture still somewhat intact in Matheran

Pugmarks of an animal from a cat family.

How do we know whether its

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pakshy said...

alok, nice photos.
regarding pugmark, i am sure u are familiar with this -
its nice idea to get a pugmark cast using plaster of paris