Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010-12-26 Talawe

The high tide was at 3am and me & my friend Dr Saurabh Jindal decided to reach the sea shore at Talawe, Nerul by 7am.

We were there on time and the fisherman just getting ready to wrap up their catch as the tide started receding.
With receding tide the birds had also gathered to have their morning catch.
There were painted storks, large & intermediate egrets, Eurasian Curlew and many other waders mostly red shanks, plovers and stints.

Nearby there were many little ringed plovers and temminck's stints.

Common Redshank

Little Ringed Plover

Temminck's Stint

As every year there were around 3-4 beautiful waders the Pacific golden plovers.
Pacific golden Plover

Oriental White Ibis

After the waders we moved inwards towards the land birds.
On the fields besides the sea shore there were red vented and whiskered bulbuls, spotted dove, Indian robin, magpie robin, small green beeeaters, Golden oriole, Black drongo, Greater coucal and Common Hoppooe.

Black Drongo

We were looking for the Talawe special the red munias.
As we were trying to find them in the grasses we observed a hoping bird on the ground who was also cocking the tail.
It was the Bluethroat. There were 3 of them.
We sat still for a long time near the grass and got very good views of the the blue throat.
Also came he red avadavats and settled right in the front of us.
But once they settle they are very difficult the spot.

Red Munia

Red Munia (Female)

Blue throat

Now was the time to search for another regulars here the larks.
But no larks were seen. There were the usual Prinias everwhere. There was a lone greenshank and few common sandpipers.

To search for the larks decided to take a detour to explore one of the grasslands at Talawe.
There we could see many long tailed shrikes and Common Stonechats. There were also the red wattled lapwings.

Long Tailed shrike

Common Stonechat

Just then I saw an unusual bird and it was the red headed bunting.
This was the first time I saw it hear. It was very silent and afraid.
It was hiding within the tall grass and was not moving much.
May be had got lost but it was also feeding in between on the seeds of the grass.

Red headed Bunting

Red Headed Bunting

Brown Shrike

Then there was also the brown shrike and finally the rufous tailed larks.
But no ashy crowned sparrow larks.

But all in all Talawe did not dissapoint!!


Dr Saurabh Jindal said...

gr8 post alok !!

Unknown said...

Interesting and great shots !!!

Sriram S said...

Hi Alok.
Nice post.. could you let me know how you could get close to the shore? I got to understand that Talawe is just behind the seawoods estate

Sriram S said...
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Alok Bhave said...

Hi Sriram
Its near sea woods just besides TS Chanakya. While going from Vashi to belapur on palm beach road you need to take a U turn just after you see TS Chanakya on the right at the Nerul junction.