Sunday, September 13, 2009


Last minute plan was made with Mom and Dad to visit this place.
I had not been to Talawe anyway for a long time atleast 7months.

As usual started with loud calls of Ashy and Plain prinias.
Plain prinia

Plain prinia

Also a nice sighting of a painted grasshopper was a nice start for the trail.

Then there was a sight of the scaly breasted munias on the grass on the side and then came and sat on the trail in front of us.

Going ahead on the right hand side grass we could see the white eared bulbul and a pair of yellow eyed babblers calling out.
White eared bulbul

Butterflies and other insects were also visible in plenty. There were the black caterpillars, common grass yellow, salmon arab, chocolate pansy, common crow, common rose, peacock pansy, blue tiger and lovely green grasshoppers and robber flies.
Painted Grasshopper

The red munias were collecting nesting material and food and hence could be seen a lot flying around and sometimes landing in front of us on the trail.
Red Munia

Atleast 2 long tailed shrikes were sighted.
Long tailed shrike

A flock 5-10 birds flew past and i tried to click some quick pics.
These were a flock of chestnut tailed starlings (blythii subspecies which is also considered by some as a separate species).
Chestnut tailed starling (blythii subspecies)

A lone osprey and a brahminy flew above our head.

Cormorants were seen sitting on the mangrove bushes.
A pair of spot billed ducks and a lone one were also seen.
There black winged stilt, red shanks and red wattled lapwing in the water.
Black winged stilt

Near the farms we could again see the chestnut tailed starlings, spotted dove with nesting material, a long tailed shrike, red vented bulbuls, green bee eater, white throated kingfisher, munias and jungle babblers.

There was nothing much on the sea shore as there were some fisherman and also since it was a very low tide.

All in all a good many species seen.

1) Ashy prinia
2) Plain prinia
3) Red munia
4) Black headed munia
5) Scaly breasted munia
6) White breasted kingfisher
7) Common kingfisher
8) common sandpiper
9) Common red shank
10) Little egret
11) Grey heron
12) Glossy ibis
13) Zitting cisticola
14) Yellow eyed babbler
15) Brahminy kite
16) Osprey
17) Chestnut tailed starling
18) Long tailed shrike
19) Spotted dove
20) Laughing dove
21) Cormorant
22) Red wattled lapwing
23) Gull billed tern
24) Grey heron
25) Jungle babbler
26) Green bee eater
27) Black winged stilt

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