Saturday, January 17, 2009

IIT Mumbai 11th Jan 2009

A few of us met early morning at the IIT mumbai main gate.
We drove to the lake. It was very cloudy and not very good light.

There were lot of birds in the lake. There were cotton pygmy teals. On the nearby clump of water hycinth clump were the purple moorhen, as bronze winged jacana and a common moorhen.

Instead of light to improve to decided take a round of the lake on the left side road.

There we got some land birds like the spotted dove, bulbuls, purple rumped sunbird.

Also in the lake where near the road first we got the purple moorhens, cotton pygmy, spot billed duck and glossy ibis.

Cotton pygmy goose

Just then a white breasted waterhen walked past on the road. But it was very fast to take any decent pic. It entered into a compound where there was a lawn. Later at the same spot we got 10+ spotted munias.

Little ahead we took a diversion from the road towards the lake. There we saw a coucal, red breasted or throated flycatcher(not sure), golder oriole, more spotted munias, Ashy prinia.

Red throated or breasted flycatcher

Golden oriole. A lucky shot :-)

In the lake beyond were the spotbilled ducks, black winged stilts, bronze winged jacane, lesser whistling teals flying around, purple moorhens and a purple heron.

Spotbilled ducks, black winged stilts and bronze winged jacana

Spot billed duck

Lesser whistling duck

Spotbilled duck

Wood sandpiper

While returning back to the lake we saw a shrike sitting in very good light giving photographers a good chance.

Long tailed Shrike

Nearby 2 spotted doves were seated on the ground. There were also a number of pied starlings.

Spotted dove

Back to the lack we got the cotton pygmy teals and cormorant. There was also a common kingfisher sitting on the boat in the water. We decided to proceed ahead from here towards the boat club shade.

On this we were expecting some flycatchers and white browed bulbuls but did not get any.

Instead got the chestnut tailed starlings, jungle babblers, more pied starlings and palm swifts.

Pied starling

Very near the boat club shade we got white breasted kingfisher giving very good poses.

White breasted kingfisher

There large number is spotted munias. There was a marsh harrier sitting the grass.

On the grass blades very nearby we got a small bird which we thought to be a prinia but seems more like a paddy field warbler.
Not sure what it is.

There was a pond heron standing still in the grass.

Pond heron

In the water beyond saw the pheasant tailed jacanas and common coots.

Common Coot

The marsh harrier gave good flying shots. There were little terns flying around.

An osprey made a short appearance but it is always a pleasure to even watch it for some time.


There were lot of alexandrine parakeets making a lot of noise.

In the grass little ahead i tried to go a little near the spotted munias and got some good shots.

Spotted Munia (scaly breasted munia)

Spotted munia (juvenile)

While returning back got nice green bee eaters and nice surprise in terms of a black hooded cuckoo shrike.

Green bee eaters

Black hooded cuckooshrike

Also there were still the golden orioles on the tree near the hostel and a crimson breasted barbet pecking at the hole in the tree.

Crimson breasted barbet

To end with the purple moorhen in the lake gave very good poses.

Purple moorhen at end

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