Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Khargar Hills Dec 2007

Started from main gate at around 7:30AM (Myself, my dad and Dr. Saurabh)
Immediately on the left there is a path going towards to top of the hill.
We went half way up.
2 shikras were calling and one shikra went flying above us 2-3 times.
We also saw purple sunbirds, ashy drongo, bulbuls and male-female Ioras.

Coming back to the main road we started walking towards the top.
Some way ahead saw a pair of yellow eyed babblers, Plain prinia, India robin male and female and around 8-10 Jungle bush quails.

A little ahead we encountered a group of 7-8 Jungle babblers.

The shikra was seen lot of times flying over the head.

Montagu's Harrier

Indian Silverbill

Booted Eagle Dark Morph

Red Munia (Male)

Red Munia (Female)

Purple Sunbird (Eclipse)

Common Buzzard

Dusky Crag Martin


Black Kite

Blue rock Thrush


Bird List
1) Purple Sunbird
2) Purple rumped sunbirds
3) Red whiskered Bulbul
4) Red vented bulbul
5) Jungle babblers
6) Red Munia
7) Indian Silverbill
8) Scally breasted Munia
9) Pied Starling
10) Shikra
11) Booted Eagle (Dark Morph)
12) Montagu's Harrier
13) Jungle Bush Quail
14) Yellow eyed Babbler
15) Plain prinia
16) Ashy Prinia
17) Common Chiffchaf
18) Magpie robin
19) Indian Robin
20) Barn Swallow
21) Dusky crag Martin
22) Black kite
23) Tailor bird
24) Ashy Drongo
25) Common Iora
26) Blue rock thrush

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