Sunday, September 09, 2007

Talawe Sept 2007

Talawe habitat

Talawe has a very diverse habitat giving rise to a chance to see a diverse bird life.
It has Grasslands with puddles in between and a nice tree line , as can be seen in the pic , at the back. Behind the trees is the creek with marshes around.
Thus making it a place to see a huge variety of birds from munias,larks,prinias to Golden oriole, drongos, to white cheeked bulbuls, clamarous reed warbler to all kinds of waders.

Plain prinia

Prinia in flight

Dragon fly (don't know the exact species)

Common redshank

Long tailed shrike

Little Heron

4 munias can be seen here Silverbill, Red , Scaly breasted and Blackheaded.
Had luck to spot 3 of them. One photo shows red and scaly on the same grass blade.
In fact all 3 were together.


Spotted Redshank (?) (the legs were bright orange and a long beak but am not sure of id)

Little ringed Plover

Night heron Juvenile
(Thanks for correction: Sahas and Adesh)

Laughing Dove

Bird list
1) Plain prinia
2) Ashy prinia
3) Red munia
4) Scally breasted munia
5) Silverbill
6) Red wattled lapwing
7) Little cormorant
8) Small blue kingfisher
9) White breasted kingfisher
10) Gull billed tern
11) Little heron
12) Pond heron
13) Little egret
14) Commond redshank
15) Spotted redshank
16) Little or kentish plover
17) Lauging dove
18) Golden oriole
19) Pied starling
20) Zitting cisticola
21) Slaty breasted rail
22)Brahminy kite


SaHaS said...

HI great pics especially that of the red avadavat and the scaly breasted munia together!! although am not an expert but the spotted redshank looks like a common greenshank and the last pond heron pic looks rather like a night heon juvenile!! but then again you better as someone else before believing me!!! thanks for sharing HAPPY BIRDING!!!

Adesh Shivkar said...

Yes...its a Juv. Night Heron